I Have Friends In Holy Spaces


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Three-Octave Range
Chris Colfer

Chris and his three-octave vocal range -download-



To the Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter - Video

This is so great


Mother Red Panda carries her baby by david evans






The last day of Harry Potter.


Saddest point in film history ever

I am actually sitting here in tears because this is a visual representation of the moment the best part of my childhood ended. 

5x19 Extended Summary


Rachel’s duplicitous actions come back to haunt her as news that she missed a performance of Funny Girl in order to audition for a TV pilot – and lied to producers about it – begins to hit the press. In order to prevent a wave of bad publicity that could sully her fresh image, Rachel enlists Santana’s help in rebranding herself. Deciding she needs to champion a worthwhile cause, she and the girls organize an all-female musical gala to benefit a local dog shelter (aptly titled “Broadway Bitches”), but Rachel soon realizes there is a marked difference between simply looking like a good person, and actually being one. 

Kurt – who has been starting to feel inadequate in the wake of everyone else’s recent successes and finding himself excluded from the all-girl performance – befriends former Broadway star Maggie Banks, who is currently living in a senior-citizens home for retired performers. When he is given the chance to join the elderly cast in their production of Peter Pan, he seizes the opportunity, and tries to make a positive difference in the lives of Maggie, her friends, and her family. Meanwhile, the smitten Sam is eager to prove to Mercedes that he’s a responsible and dependable adult worthy of being considered husband (and father) material. To prove his point, he adopts a dog, but when “McConaughey” proceeds to destroy the apartment (and Mercedes’ expensive hair extensions), Sam must teach the dog some obedience or admit failure.

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